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    December 2nd & 3d, 2020 MOC München

BEST RECRUITERS QuickCheck: The recruiting check for those in a hurry

With the BEST RECRUITERS QuickCheck, we offer you the opportunity to have the recruiting measures in your company surveyed and analysed at express speed. Also this year we cooperate with the largest recruiting study in the DACH area and offer you exclusively at TALENTpro the opportunity to test the new tool for free!

All you have to do: Visit the BEST-RECRUITERS booth, announce your email address and career website. BEST RECRUITERS will then put your recruiting measures through their paces, after a short time you can download the results and immediately see your quick wins in recruiting. Does your career website have everything it needs to attract the most promising candidates? Do your job advertisements appeal to the right candidates? Find out! 

Zenith Munich, Booth F.24 

Registration: office@bestrecruiters.eu

[Übersetzen nach: EN] Julia Hauska

"Most HR people don't know what it feels like when someone applies to their company",

says Julia Hauska, director of the CAREER publishing house, which conducts the BEST RECRUITERS study.

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